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Opera Surtitles


Lucia di Lammermoor

The sweet sound of his voice struck me.
That voice descended into my heart.
Edgardo, I am yours once more.
I have run away from your enemies.
A chill creeps through my breast.
Every nerve trembles.
Iím unsteady.
Sit with me near the fountain for awhile.
The terrible phantom arises
and separates us!
Edgardo, letís take refuge here
at the foot of the altar.
It is strewn with roses.
Donít you hear celestial music?
The wedding hymn is playing.
The ceremony is being prepared.
Iím so happy!
O joy that I feel and yet cannot express!
Incense is burning.
The sacred torches are glowing everywhere.
Here is the minister.
Give me your hand.
O happy day!
At last I am yours. At last youíre mine.
God gives you to me.
Every pleasure will be sweeter,
shared with you.
Heaven will smile on us kindly.
Enrico is approaching!
Ė Is this terrible story true?
Ė Only too true.
Ah, wicked girl, you will have
the punishment you deserve for this!
Ė Stop!
Ė Donít you see her condition?
Raimondo: She has lost her mind.
You should fear for her life.
Donít look at me so fiercely.
Itís true, I signed that paper.
In his terrible wrath he stamps on the ring.
He curses me!
I was the victim of a cruel brother,
but I always loved you, Edgardo.
Enrico: Have pity on her, Lord.
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