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Opera Surtitles

WORDS FOR MUSIC Surtitle Reviews

Il Trovatore, Opera New Jersey – Out In New Jersey – July 2012

  • “For those of you who might be afraid of getting lost in a foreign language production, fear not. The “supertitle” running translation on a screen above the stage is prompt and highly readable. It isn’t necessary to know a word of Italian to be able to understand exactly what is being said at every moment.”

Rigoletto, Sarasota Opera – AISLE SAY – November 2012

  • Praise for conductor DeRenzi...for his excellent surtitle translation!

Don Carlos, Sarasota Opera - Palm Beach Arts Paper - April 2009

  • “[Words for Music] supplied unusually good English surtitles for this complicated story.”

Così fan tutte, Sarasota Opera – Venice Gondolier - April 2008

  • “The surtitles certainly were sharp in allowing us to enjoy the jibes and misunderstandings of the characters.”

Madama Butterfly, Sarasota Opera – Sarasota Herald-Tribune - February 2007

  • “I found the supertitles very helpful, especially in grasping the nuances and the humor in the show. It’s sung in Italian, which I doubt even a native speaker could understand when sung operatically. You get the broad sweep of what’s happening, it’s true, but the intricacies of the plot are revealed only by knowing what’s actually being sung.”

Madama Butterfly, Sarasota Opera – St. Petersburg Times – February 2007

  • “Sundine provided an effective translation for the supertitles.”

Tosca, Sarasota Opera – Home New Tribune, November 2004

  • “The most important factor was the presence of supertitles, something unheard of 30 years ago. With the words of this great work making everything so much clearer, the eyes were freed to enjoy the action, the ears to relish the unforgettable music…We regular operagoers can forget the massive impact of supertitles on the appeal of this art form.”

Il Corsaro, Sarasota Opera – Opera Now – July/August 2004

  • “Artistic Director Victor DeRenzi produced the admirable supertitles.”

Ariadne auf Naxos, Sarasota Opera – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – March 2002

  • “The success of this production owes much to the clever translation of the witty German dialogue for the supertitles.”

Die Zauberflöte, Sarasota Opera – The Charlotte Sun – February 2004

  • “Sung in German, the English supertitles by Words for Music were a great help.”

L’amore dei tre re, Sarasota Opera – The Sun – March 2003

  • “The extremely helpful English supertitles were shown above the stage, with perfect timing according to the libretto sung in Italian.”

Falstaff, Sarasota Opera – Venice Gondolier – February 2001

  • “The convoluted story of Falstaff is well-translated with supertitles by DeRenzi so the audience keeps up with the amusing line of the rotund Falstaff…”

Otello, Opera Delaware – The Kennett Paper – November 2001

  • “The words to this musical creation of Shakespeare’s play are very important. Luckily for most of the audience, the supertitles in English express the full fury and drama of the libretto.”

Cosi fan tutte – Sarasota Opera - April, 2008

  • “The Words for Music translator incorporated hilarious Italian idiomatic expressions that caught De Ponte’s spirit better than any translation I’ve come across.”
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