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Opera Surtitles


Les Pěcheurs de perles

I finally see you again,
after so many months apart.
Brahma reunites us.
But tell me, have you remained
true to your oath?
-Is it a friend I see again or a traitor?
-I have overcome my deep love.
We’ll forget the past
and celebrate this sweet moment.
Let’s be brothers
and remain friends all our lives.
My heart has banished its madness.
-Yes, peace has come to you, but not oblivion.
–What are you saying?
Zurga, when we reach the age
where dreams of past days have faded…
…you’ll remind yourself of our last journey
and our stop at the gates of Kandy.
It was evening. There was a cool breeze.
The Brahmins, their faces bathed in light…
…slowly called the crowd to prayer.
Adorned with flowers and gold,
a woman appears from the back of the temple.
I think I still see her.
The prostrate crowd looks at her
in astonishment and whispers softly.
Look, it is the goddess…
…who rises from the shadow
and stretches out her arms towards us.
Her veil is raised. O vision! O dream!
The crowd is on its knees.
Yes, it is she, it is the goddess,
so charming and so beautiful.
Yes, it is she,
the goddess who comes to us.
She makes her way through the crowd.
Her long veil hides her face from us.
I search for her in vain.
She flees!
What a strange passion
suddenly flares up in my soul.
-What new fire consumes me?
-Your hand pushes away my hand.
Love seizes our hearts
and changes us into enemies.
No, let nothing separate us!
Let’s swear to remain friends.
Yes, it is she,
it is the goddess who unites us.
Faithful to my promise,
I will cherish you as a brother.
Yes, we will share the same fate.
Let us be united until death.
What do I see? A canoe is approaching.
I was expecting it. Thanks to Brahma.
Who are you waiting for?
An unknown woman,
as beautiful as she is wise.
According to ancient custom,
the oldest of us brings her from afar.
A long veil conceals her face from our eyes.
No one must see or approach her.
While we work, she prays up on the rocks.
Her song soars over our heads.
It drives away evil spirits and protects us.
She is drawing near.
Friend, stay with us to celebrate her arrival.
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