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Opera Surtitles


Hänsel und Gretel

Dear Susie, whatís rustling in the straw?
The geese are barefoot and have no shoes.
The shoemaker has leather,
but no way to work.
-So he canít makeÖ
-Just let them go barefoot.
Fiddle dee dee, thatís too bad.
Whoíll give me money for sugar and bread?
If I sell my bed and lie in the straw,
I wonít be stuck by feathers or bitten byÖ
-Oh, Iím so hungry!
-If mother would only come home.
-Yes, I canít bear this hunger.
For weeks, nothing but dry bread.
What misery!
Hush, Hansel. You know what father says
when mother sometimes loses heart:
ďWhen our need is greatest,
God stretches out his hand to you.Ē
That sounds very true,
but unfortunately it doesnít fix anything.
How long has it been since weíve had
something good to eat?
Pancakes, buttered rolls,
I hardly know how they taste. I want toÖ
Hush, donít be cross!
Be patient and make a friendly face.
This cross face is a horror.
You look like such a grouch.
Grouch, out of the house. Iíll teach you
to be a pain and spoil the fun.
Grouch, horrible brat,
annoyance! Get out of here!
Hansel: I canít stand being so poor.
I give up. I canít bear it!
Gretel: Even if your tummy growls,
I wonít give up. Out with you!
So there! If youíll stop complaining,
Iíll even tell you a secret.
A secret!
That would be great.
Listen, little brother. Look in the pitcher.
Thereís some milk, a gift from our neighbor.
When mother comes home,
she can make us tasty rice pudding.
Rice pudding! Count me in.
How thick is the cream on the milk?
Let me taste it. I want to lick it all up.
What, stealing? Arenít you ashamed?
Take your fingers out, you thieving brat!
Now, back to work quickly,
so weíll finish on time.
If mother comes home and we havenít
done our work, we lazybones are in trouble.
Work? Thatís not what Iím thinking of.
Letís dance and be happy.
Dance! I would love that.
Letís sing a song, too.
Weíll dance and sing,
just like our aunt taught us.
Little brother, dance with me.
I give both my hands to thee.
Once this way, once that way,
turn around. Itís just like play.
Must I dance?
I canít.
Show me how itís done,
so I can learn to dance.
With your little feet tap, tap, tap,
with your little hands clap, clap, clap.
Once this way, once that way,
turn around. Itís just like play.
Youíve done well. I didnít think you could.
Look at my Hansel, heís learning to dance.
With your little head nick, nick, nick,
with your little fingers click, click, click.
Once this way, once that way,
turn around. Itís just like play.
Little brother, pay attention to Gretel.
Letís link arms and dance together.
I love dancing and being happy.
I donít like being alone and sad.
Turn yourself around, dear Hans.
Come to me. Dance in a circle.
Get away from me. Iím the proud Hans.
I donít dance with girls. Thatís too stupid!
Go away, proud Hans,
Iíll get you to turn around.
-Gretel, you have a hole in your stocking.
-Hansel, do you still want to tease me?
I donít dance with wicked boys.
That would be too stupid.
Donít be cross, dear little sister.
Iíll get you to turn around.
Dance happily. If your stocking has a hole,
mother will knit you a new one.
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