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Opera Surtitles


Madama Butterfly

You’re crying? Why?
Ah, you have no faith. Listen.
One lovely day we’ll see a thread of smoke
rising from the edge of the sea.
And then the ship appears.
The white ship enters the port,
roaring its greeting.
You see? He has come.
I don’t go down towards him.
I stay at the top of the hill, and I wait
a long time. The wait isn’t a burden for me.
Coming out of the crowd is a man
who makes his way toward the hill.
Who can it be?
When he arrives, what will he say?
He will call “Butterfly” from a distance.
I stay hidden without answering,
a little to tease…
…and a little so as not to die
at the first meeting.
Rather worried, he will call,
“Little wife, fragrance of verbena…”
…the names he gave me when he was here.
All of this will happen, I promise you.
Keep your fear to yourself.
With secure faith I wait for him.
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