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Opera Surtitles

Don Giovanni, Sarasota Opera
Photographer - Deb Hesser
WORDS FOR MUSIC was founded in 1998 and provides titles for numerous regional productions. Our titles are carefully produced to insure correct translations as well as idiomatic, grammatically correct English.

The straightforward language of the titles captures the factual and emotional content of each line, making it possible for the audience to read and digest the information quickly and return attention to the stage.

Allan Naplan, General Director, Madison Opera

  • "Thanks so much for the use of your terrific titles for Bohème. They added much to the success of our production!"

Maria Levy, Indiana University Opera Theater Executive Administrator

  • "I must tell you that these were some of the best titles I've ever used. They translated not only the words, but also the spirit and meaning of the piece!"

Kristen Kessler, Executive Director, Mercury Opera Rochester

  • "The titles were terrific, and I hope that we can use you regularly! Thanks for all your help."
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